Meet Demetrius - Delta Air Lines Pilot

Demetrius’ parents recall his love for flying and how when he was two, he would watch jets fly overhead in their backyard in San Diego, California. As Demetrius grew, his desire to become an airline pilot grew too.

In the summer of 2009, Demetrius was hired as a Flight Operations Intern while attending Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). After completing four months as an intern, Demetrius returned to MTSU to complete his undergraduate work. He left his internship determined to return to Delta as a pilot.

The first professional experience for Demetrius came in 2012 at SeaPort Airlines (K5) where he operated as a First Officer and Captain. Before leaving Seaport, Demetrius filled various rolls including recruiter, interviewer, ground instructor, and serving the line pilots as a Chief Pilot. Away from the flight deck, Demetrius served the community through volunteering in both pilot and non-pilot related organizations.

Career progression happened quickly for Demetrius as he continued his pursuit back to Delta. Demetrius was hired by Compass Airlines in 2014 as a First Officer and immediately joined the recruiting team. Demetrius’ efforts in the community continued and Delta took notice. In late 2014, Demetrius was awarded the incredible honor of the Delta Air Lines Boeing 757/767 Type Rating Certificate Scholarship presented through the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP).

Demetrius knows that without truth, wisdom, and heartfelt mentor guidance, he would not be where he is today. He believes that it was through hard-work and opportunity (timing) that he was positioned well for an incredible career in the aviation industry. In May 2015, Demetrius’ goal was achieved and he was hired as a Delta Air Lines pilot.

“I know that opportunity comes partly through hard work and partly through showing up at the right time. The Propel program is incredible, bar none. Candidates have the opportunity to apply, interview, become accepted and awarded a QJO (qualified job offer at Delta Air Lines) BEFORE graduating college. Fact: It is a defined, streamlined path to Delta. A candidate who works hard through the Propel program can, within 3.5 years of indoc or mission ready status, enjoy an incredible career starting as a new hire pilot. It is a wonderful time to pursue a career in a Delta Flight Deck.”

Demetrius is grateful to all who spoke truth and wisdom to him along his journey to Delta, and he now actively pursues opportunities to speak the same to younger and older aviators desiring a career in aviation, especially at Delta Air Lines. Remember, Propel is only one avenue to a Delta Flight Deck. There are multiple routes, but there is only one way to a Delta Flight Deck – hard work.