Meet Samantha - Delta Propel Company Path Pilot

Samantha has always had a love for aviation and traveling since a young age.  Her first memory of flying was on her grandfather’s retirement flight from Delta Air Lines in 1997. Additionally, growing up with a father as a pilot and mother as a flight attendant, she always loved flying and hearing her parents’ stories about their trips. 

Upon graduating from Clemson University, Samantha knew she wanted to pursue a career in the aviation field. In the fall of 2014, her dream came true as she began her training as a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines.  “I was thrilled to have been hired by the airline that I grew up hearing stories about from my grandfather. I knew within my first week of training that this wasn’t just a job, but that I had found my home within the Delta Air Lines family.” 

Samantha’s love of aviation continued to grow as she became more involved as a brand ambassador and an Operating Experience (OE) evaluator for flight attendants. After flying for four years and seeing the day to day life of the pilots, Samantha decided to take her first flight lesson and she was hooked. She began to pursue flight training on her days off and took every opportunity to ask questions and learn from the pilots she flew with while at work.

In 2019, Samantha applied, interviewed and was accepted into the Delta Propel Company Path program. “Getting accepted to Propel and receiving a qualified job offer to be a pilot at Delta Air Lines has been my biggest accomplishment to date. To have Delta have a hand in my training, provide mentorship and an accelerated path back to the flight deck is an opportunity I am beyond thankful for.”

While on her leave of absence, she has successfully acquired her remaining ratings and is working as a flight instructor at ATP.  Additionally, Samantha has taken this time to increase her involvement with Women in Aviation and serve as an ambassador for ATP at the annual WAI conference.