Meet Marie - Delta Air Lines Pilot

While Marie is just beginning her career in a Delta flight deck, she was already a part of the Delta family.  In 2011, Marie was hired as a language of destination (LOD - Japanese) Flight Attendant and spent a few years traveling the world.  She fell in love with the lifestyle and benefits of being a crew member, but sought out different opportunities. After being introduced to piloting while riding with friends in a small, training aircraft, she was hooked!  Marie did not want to leave her Delta family, but knew that pursuing her flight training and experience would be a full time job! She made the choice to chase her dream and completed flight training, began flight instructing, and was hired on with a regional airline in only 2 years!

Marie knew that she had a passion for more - so she also volunteered with various aviation organizations, including serving as President for her local Women in Aviation chapter.  Her drive, passion, and volunteerism were rewarded when in 2017, she was awarded the Delta 777 Type Rating Certificate Scholarship through Women in Aviation. In just a few short months, she earned her Boeing 777 type rating, followed by upgrading to Captain at her regional airline.  

In April 2018, it all came full circle as Marie successfully interviewed with Delta's Pilot Selection team and was offered a pilot position.  In just 5 years, she was reunited with the Delta family!

Marie is excited to continue her dream and to help others follow theirs.  “When I was a Flight Attendant, I asked pilots what their path was to get to Delta and got great feedback.  The Propel Path will be so nice because everything is streamlined and there’s great resource in one stop. I relied on so many friends, family members, and mentors for support and guidance to get to where I am today. I'm so grateful for their help and encouragement and so I love it when I can help and mentor a fellow future aviator.  I wish this program was around when I decided to pursue this path!”