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An exciting new career for Delta employees called 

Delta Propel - Company Pilot Career Path

Now is your time to transition your career and pursue your dream of becoming a pilot for Delta.





What is it?

Delta employees can transition their careers and pursue their dreams of becoming a pilot for Delta Air Lines. Delta Propel offers a defined, accelerated path to allow candidates to earn their flight certifications, build their experience, and meet all the requirements to become a Delta pilot.

Who can join?

Employees in good standing must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for the career path:

  • Completion of 3 years (36 total months) as an active Delta Air Lines employee
  • Graduate of a four-year degree program from a college or university accredited by a U.S. Dept. of Education recognized accrediting organization
  • Possess an FAA Private Pilot Certificate (Fixed Wing), not to exceed a Commercial Pilot Certificate (Single Engine-Fixed Wing)
  • Logged 100 hours of total flight time in a fixed wing powered aircraft
  • Current Biennial Flight Review (BFR)
  • Meet additional pilot requirements outlined on the Deltanet Propel page

How do I join?

All candidates in the Company Pilot Career Path will be required to meet the qualification and testing aspects of Delta’s current pilot hiring. Although most tests will be required in order to enter the program, the job knowledge technical test will be administered after you finish flying at a Delta Connection carrier. Our application window is now closed for 2018.   In the next few weeks, our team will review the pool of candidates.  If you are selected to move forward to the next round,  you will receive an email detailing the next stage.  Thank you for your interest in Delta Propel!  Please follow us on social media for the next application window announcement.


What is a Qualified Job Offer?

Candidates accepted into this program will be given a Qualified Job Offer. This means that Delta offers you a defined path and accelerated timeline to become a Delta pilot and helps you achieve the necessary qualifications along the way. As long as you successfully fulfill all the requirements of the program, you will become a pilot for Delta.   

What if I am "overqualified" for Propel?

Candidates who have progressed beyond their Commercial Certificate (single engine) are overqualified for the Propel program - meaning you may not fit into the full flight training footprint of the program.  For example, candidates already possessing a Commercial Multi, CFI/CFII/MEI certificate, or whom already meet ATP minimums are too advanced for the program.  These employees may be eligible for a program called "Propel Advance" which will open early 2019.  Employees can learn more about this program on the  Deltanet Propel page.

Addressing the cost of flight training

The Delta Propel Company Pilot Career Path is designed to provide program participants with the support they need to overcome the traditional barriers to becoming a Delta pilot - one such barrier being the cost of quality flight training.  In order to address this financial hurdle, Delta is pleased to announce that Propel Company Path participants will be able to apply for a competitively priced fixed-rate or variable rate private student loan from Wells Fargo.

The Wells Fargo Collegiate® loan1 provides funding for up to $75,000 of flight school costs to eligible Propel Company Path participants, without a cosigner in many cases. 

While program participants should consider all available financing options, features of the Wells Fargo Collegiate® loan1 include a competitive interest rate along with standard Wells Fargo product features including deferred payments while in-school and a 6 month grace period upon leaving school.  

The repayment term for the Wells Fargo Collegiate® loan1 is 15 years. An aviation internship forbearance may be available to individuals completing their flight training hours. Individuals qualifying for the aviation internship forbearance are able to postpone monthly payments up to 24 months after completing school. Those selected to participate in the Delta Propel Career Path program may contact Wells Fargo for full loan details.

Underwriting decisions are based on individual credit worthiness and are the sole responsibility of Wells Fargo.

1 The Wells Fargo Collegiate® Loan service mark is owned by Wells Fargo & Company.

Your success is our goal

The path to become a Delta pilot can be challenging - let us support you every step of the way. Every Propel Company Career Path pilot will be connected with an active Delta pilot mentor. In addition, every pilot will have access to an extended Leave of Absence program.

Where can I learn more?

More information about the program is available for Delta employees here.

Our Partners

Selected employees will attend one of the following flight training providers.